Friday, March 30, 2007

Evening Wrap Up


If you are keeping track, I made back everything lost from yesterday, except for 2 bucks.

I'll keep this short and sweet. I will be moving out of my house Sunday. Moving into new house Monday evening. Getting internet service Tuesday. Therefore, I will be taking a short break from the blog, and trading. Good luck to all while I'm gone.

Don't forget to look for a post from me at Trading Goddess's house over the weekend.


ShortDaBull said...

congrats on the new "house". Gretta in spot 5A is an easy lay, Scott in 9D suppliedsthe park with pharmaceuticals, and Billy Bob is in charge of the "Hot Dog Afternoons" which take place every Sunday, weather permitting.

Also, keep your eye out for old man Tyrone, he'll steal your mobile BBQ if you leave it outside.

welcome to the Mountain Vistas Trailer Park. You'll fit right in.

Woodshedder said...

Welcome back SDB! Your sister called and said Mom was worried about you when you didn't make it home the past few days. She went ahead and picked up your dirty laundry from the basement and washed it for you. Sis reminded me to tell you she's still looking for that 100 bucks you borrowed last week.

ShortDaBull said...

i shorted DNDN last week with the $100. she's SOL.

Woodshedder said...

And let me guess, you covered at 18. lol...

mdawsz said...

Can't you increase the font size on this godforesaken blog. I have to squint just see if there have been any comments left. Not to mention that the yellow font on top of the vomit coloured background doesn't work.


mde said...

Upgrade your glasses sucker and then you could read mdawsz.

TradingGoddess said...


I hope your move has gone smoothly!

I can't wait till you get back here to give you a big hug and kiss for the great work you did on my blog! I am more than impressed!!!


Let me know when you get back "into town". I want to make sure you are here when I give you that "Thank You" post!

Jay said...

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