Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nasdaq Hits Resistance at 2400

Keep a close eye on that number folks. As identifed in previous posts, the Nasdaq may find surpassing that number to be a serious obstacle.

No panic selling for me this a.m. when I saw the futures were up. No siree bob. I've learned a good deal from watching Mdawsz over at Get Short. So I waited a bit and was able to get rid of my QID and DXD on a bounce. These were gambles I put on right before the close yesterday as it looked like we might have a weak start this morning. I got out with small losses.

Sold 200 QID @ $55.36
Sold 200 DXD @ $59.73

I picked up 1500 AOB this a.m. and will hold through earnings on Monday.
700 @ $10.98
800 @ $11.055

Bought 100 NIHD @ $72.58
Bought 1000 GIGM @ $12.32

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