Sunday, March 18, 2007


I have searched several weeks for a widget to display my portfolio holdings and update gains (or in my case, losses) in real-time. I experimented with the widgets Yahoo and Google offer to track stocks, as well as some user modified versions. They did not do what I wanted, and I found that they were hard to update and maintain.

Then I found Stockalicious. Even if you do not desire a widget for the general public to monitor your portfolio, you should still check out their homepage. While I think their widget is really freaking cool, a visit to the homepage will show you that Stockalicious has much more to offer for traders and investors.

The portfolio tool is easy to use, and allows one to log purchases at multiple prices. While the widget only displays the average at which all shares were purchased, there is another tab for the portfolio owner which will display each purchase separately. While I have not used the "sell" function yet, I understand that it allows one to track sells to see what happened to the stock price days or weeks after the sell.

I emailed Stockalicious because the standard widget they provide did not fit well into my sidebar. I received a very cordial email from them several hours later (on a Sunday, no less) with the new code.

The only suggestions I have for Stockalicious is to allow the user to include commissions, and I would like the tool to calculate actual dollar figures for profits and losses, rather than only percentage gains or losses. This would save me a few seconds on the calculator, and would truly make their portfolio tool a one-stop shop for managing trades.

All in all, this is a really cool widget backed by a very well-done web site.


mde said...

why did you leave flyonwallstreet blog?

Woodshedder said...

lol. I didn't leave it...I just needed a weekend off. I appreciate your vote of confidence though, and I hope to be back to writing more articles for my blog and Fly's soon.

Woodshedder said... see he just fired me...

Stockalicious said...

Thanks for the writeup Woodshedder.
We love the way you integrate the widget on your site.

As for your suggestions, hopefully we can have them introduced to the site by this month-end. If you have any more suggestions, do feel free to let us know.

Happy trading while working!
The Stockalicious Team

Stockalicious said...


The suggestions you mentioned have been introduced to the site.

You can now include commissions and see the actual dollar figures for profit and losses.

To include the commission, click on "View more options" and you'll be able to see the Commission textfield.

To view the commission, just hover your mouse cursor over the cost for each portfolio transaction.

To view the actual dollar fig., just hover your mouse cursor over the percentages.

It'll work for the widget too. Try hovering your mouse cursor over the percentages under your Top Current Winners.

If you have any other suggestions or have encountered any bugs, feel free to let us know.

The Stockalicious Team

Woodshedder said...

AWESOME! You guys rock!!! This is really, really cool! What service!!!