Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This Is Called Getting Screwed

Here is an intraday 1 minute chart of me getting screwed out of my position in AOI. As the dropped happened, I tried to cancel my stop, but couldn't get it canceled in time. As I'm writing, AOI is trading at 9.04. My stop sold at $8.77. This makes me very very angry.

***Update*** I am revenge trading this sucker. Re-bought 1K at $9.11, and put the stop back in the same place. I know, that's ridiculous.


Ambient Insight said...

Scottrade = the best. Where do you access your screenshots. I know to take a screenshot, but how do I open up the picture so I can manipulate it.

Woodshedder said...

open up pbrush.exe and paste it in there. Then save it, and reopen with your fav. photo editor.

Ambient Insight said...

Thx buddy...interestingly that exact same situation almost happend to me this morning. When you get the chance check out the DVSA 5 min chart today(03/29/2007). They gapped higher and then sold off to $7.26 befor exploding up to $7.70.