Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Hell of a Day

After selling AOB this a.m. all I had left was GIGM and NIHD. GIGM reported this morning, and work has been so busy that I didn't have a chance to analyze the report. But the way the stock was trading tells me there is some doubt. So I sold it all at break even- 11.32. I also sold my 100 shares of NIHD at 71.62, or a small loss. This was all before the general indexes started to slide. I saw BWLD broke above resistance at 58, so I nibbled on some of it. Then, the markets started to turn, BWLD hit my entry price, so I sold it. I know-schizophrenic.

So here I sit entirely in cash (minus 5K or so that I had yesterday due to AOB) except for MVIS.

At this point, if MVIS craters this evening after the CC, I'll be pretty damn depressed. I am now down about 4% YTD, and that really sucks.

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