Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Exhilirating Day

So I breeze in my office at 2:15, just in time to see my quote screen start going nuts. I gave a quick glance at the Fed report, and made a decision to buy, buy, buy.

NIHD 100 @ $73.35
NIHD 100 @ $73.96
TALX 200 @ $33.36
SWHC 500 @ 12.99 - looks like it might have bottomed here, so I bought it back. It did bounce nicely from the 20 day.

I've still got ~10K in cash that I might put to use before the close.

The Nasdaq is sitting at 2443. I can't wait to analyze the chart tonight. After reading over posts over at Vix and More and watching today's action, I can't find very many reasons not to be bullish.

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