Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stockalicious Part 2

In a quick review of the Stockalicious widget and portfolio tool I suggested I would like to be able to add commissions and be able to see profits in $$$, not just percentages. The very same day the crew had made the changes.

Hovering the cursor over the percentages listed in the widget now opens a small pop-up window with the actual gains or losses in dollars. It really is sexy. And for trading while working, it makes it easy to get a quick read on how the portfolio is doing.

The crew also made it easy to enter commissions for every trade.

Having tried to record trades in many other web-based portfolio tools, I have usually found the applications to be inefficient, cumbersome, and generally not very fun to work with. The result has always been that I quit using the tool. I'm finding the Stockalicious site to be a very efficient tool for logging trades. And I dare say it is almost fun to use, which is a great thing because it will make it more enjoyable to journal every trade and track account statistics.


Stockalicious said...

Thanks for the review again! We're working on your other suggestions now :)

IIO said...

Thanks for pointing them out. They definitely have some cool looking and easy to implement portfolio tracking features. I gave it a try a couple days ago, but it doesn't allow tracking of short stocks. It seems to understate my portfolio value by my shorts. Plus, I wish I could enter a "starting" porfolio value and have that value update based on my gains and losses. Unfortunately I'm back to Excel.

Stockalicious said...

Hi iio,

We will be converting our system to treat short sells as having positive portfolio value, so the portfolio value understatement problem would no longer exists once that is done (the reason why we treat short sells as having negative portfolio value is because most of the other websites seem to treat them as so and we did not want to alienate our new users. But having seen several complaints about this issue, we will probably do things differently than the other websites)

The "starting" porfolio value option is in the works. We'll let you know once it is ready.

The Stockalicious Team

IIO said...

Wow, thanks alot. On top of a great functionality, you have amazing customer service!