Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evening Wrap Up

+$1557.00 and you can see the percentage gain in my cool Stockalicious widget to the right. Wow! This puts me up YTD about 1%. Not great, but having been down almost 10% YTD a week ago, I'm definitely feeling "back in the saddle."

Today's action played out just as I thought it might. I have been paring down my positions, and am now in 45% cash. I feel this is a healthy place to be right now while the markets work off an overbought condition. I am still actively screening for new positions, and if the markets successfully test support in the next few days, I will be ready to pounce.

This evening I hope to update the blogosphere about some of the recent changes in the Stockalicious.com portfolio tool, and maybe put up some more charts.

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