Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekly Wrap Up

For the week, I was up $2,366.00, or 2.4%

For Friday, I was up just under 500 bucks. Alas, the account did close just under 6 figures.

While the past week didn't give me outstanding returns, there are some areas which I am proud of. First and foremost is that I did not overtrade. I scaled into positions, and I set stops below normal ranges of volatility. On the week, I only had one stop hit, and the stock bottomed shortly thereafter, allowing me to reinitiate the position paying only .02cents more for the shares than I had sold them for.

I ended the week with 5 positions in the green, and 3 positions in the red. Of the losing positions, two of them, SWHC and TZOO, are down miniscule amounts (~$12.00). MVIS, my perennial loser, I am not overly concerned with.

Over this weekend I hope to post some new research I've been working on, as well as post links to some of the bearish bloggers out there in hopes that my readers can get a well-rounded perspective on the market action of late.


mdawsz said...

Posting your weekly wrap up on Saturday morning is completely unacceptable. BTW, your blog design has a nice feminine feel to it. If you need to regain your manliness visit Get Short.

Woodshedder said...

Hey chinballs, that's why all the ladies love it. Also, they got tired of having seizures when visiting Get Short.