Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sold GIGM in AH- and More Charts

Sold 750 GIGM @ $14.01 in after hours. I had considered selling it just before the close, but got stuck in a meeting and could not trade. After looking at the candlestick today, it looks like the stock is ready to revisit its moving averages. I have solid gains here, and with rumors of shenanigans with Iran likely to drive oil higher and tech lower, I decided it was a good exit point.

One to watch is CNMD. This chart looks ripe to breakout. The base is not very sound, so any breakout should be watched closely for signs of a potential failure.


boomerdote said...

I am not much of a chart guy so I bought more 13.97. I though you did a stellar job over at the internet didctators site.

Woodshedder said...

Bought GIGM? I think you will be handsomely reward with that purchase, but be patient. More consolidation there before it moves again.

boomerdote said...

I'm a consolidation kind of guy and figued the worse was over after about 11:00, allready had a position just added to it. Nice simple website.