Thursday, March 15, 2007

This May Move GIGM

Frank May Draft Bill to Repeal Internet Gambling Ban (Update2)


Robert said...

Just a note, I bought into ONSM today, a stock you profiled recently, as it formed a hammer yesterday and a nice bullish morning star (if the price holds up) today. I also hope there's a PR of the new software being finished, as is supposed to happen this quarter.

I'm relatively new to trading, so I'm crossing my fingers!

Nice blog by the way, I read it regularly.

mdawsz said...

Alright robert, fess up, how much did woodshedder have to pay you to say that last comment?

ONSM is interesting and the chart looks nice here but I'm looking at today's volume and I'm not that impressed. Volume was only about 50% of the 3mo average.

Robert said...

Haha! No money to say it, though I'm always accepting donations!

Yeah, I'm a little worried about the low volume, but in ONSM's defense, the 3mo average is a little skewed by the day 22 million shares or so were traded on December 21st.

Woodshedder said...

Robert, tell him you like my layout, that it is easy to read, and makes sense, and that the writing is eloquent yet succint.

I just got home from a all day and evening long engagement, and haven't had a chance to check my positions or charts. I'll get back to you about today's action in ONSM. Thanks for coming by though.

Oh yea, Mdawsz has a blog too, and he posts some good short set ups when he's not busy cleaning his fish tank or brushing up on his html, or just generally being a bother.

Woodshedder said...

Robert, good call on ONSM. I missed that big ass bullish hammer yesterday. I think the volume today was healthy- it definitely swelled. I like how the gap filled too. I might have to get some in the a.m. I'm a little pissed I was gone all day and couldn't trade, as I have been watching ONSM for a re-entry, and you nailed it today.

mdawsz said...

The volume today probably was significant if you remove the outlier. That was a serious statement with volume at 22mil a few weeks ago. It'll be interesting to see what happens.